Head IT Operations Required for Q-Chem -Qatar


Head of Head, IT Operations-Qatar

The job purpose of Head IT Operations
To manage the development, implementation and maintenance of IT infrastructure activities.

Including the planning and design of hardware

and networks in a manner that meets the operational and capacity requirements of Q-Chem.


Strategy and performance management Contribute to the development and execution of the short-term strategic plan up to the middle of the department to ensure alignment with the department’s strategic priorities and corporate objectives.
Contribute to the development of annual business plans for the areas of responsibility assigned to support the achievement of financial and strategic objectives.
Monitor, control, and report key section performance indicators to track performance and recommend corrective actions.

People management

Manage direct reporting activities to ensure that all work is carried out efficiently, in accordance with annual business plans, policies and procedures.
Manage the performance management process by setting annual goals and staff development through mentoring, coaching and constructive feedback.
Identify the learning and development needs of employees and work with the Human Capital Department to fill knowledge gaps to ensure continuous progress and excellence within the team.

Implement development plans to help Calarian citizens fill potential vacancies so that they adhere to the stipulated cataract objectives.

The organizational structure:

Contribute to the definition of an optimal structure for the section, to ensure the smooth workflow of operational processes and the optimal use of resources.

Budget planning

Provide information for preparing and consolidating the section budget, monitor financial performance during the year, and identify areas of unsatisfactory performance (if any) and recommend mitigation actions.

IT operations management

Head IT Operations Responsible to Address the IT issues of Q-Chem users in accordance with the policy and procedure manual to provide a satisfactory solution to the problems in an efficient and compliant manner.

Manage incident management activities and the Q-Chem service office (problem management) to ensure a satisfactory prompt response to end users.

Oversees the migration and exact integrity of data, the installation and configuration of operating systems and the application in accordance with approved standards.
Determine the network and database requirements to ensure the correct functionality of the day-to-day operations of IT networks and servers.
Manage IT infrastructure connections between Q-Chem sites to ensure continuity of connectivity between participants.

Preventive maintenance

Oversees the planning and execution of routine and preventive maintenance work on all infrastructure equipment.
Implement solutions for monitoring infrastructure assets and provide both prior and failure notifications.
Oversees the planning and execution of routine and preventive maintenance work on all application systems.

Database management

Ensure the maintenance and administration of your company’s database and servers and ensure that all data is copied, archived and well protected and plan and execute disaster and emergency recovery plans to protect the integrity of Q-Chem data.

Incident management

Manage the response and recording of any reported incidents from end users relevant to IT systems infrastructure, provide support and guidance to end users, and identify trends to be investigated and continue to analyze the root cause to enable the development and implementation of the most appropriate solution.

Service delivery management

Ensure the Head IT Operations availability and capacity management in order to remain abreast with Q-Chem business needs.
Maintain the IT infrastructure links amongst Q-Chem sites so as to ensure continuity in connectivity amongst participants.
Exercise financial authority within the limits set by management so that you comply with policies and procedures.
Monitor Q-Chem data warehouses to ensure high data availability and security.
Take the necessary steps to ensure business continuity and an uninterrupted operational IT service for end users in abnormal working conditions.

Procurement process for IT operations

Review the procurement of IT operations resources from a technical point of view, while respecting policies to ensure uninterrupted delivery of quality goods and / or services in a cost-effective manner.
Interpret the technical aspect during the procurement process with IT service providers by requesting proposals or tender documents, as needed, to keep abreast of Q-Chem needs.
Oversees the search process, initiating contacts, and technically shortlisting IT operations service providers to gain a thorough understanding of their respective delivery capabilities.

Policies, systems, processes and procedures

Recommend improvements to departmental procedures and ensure the implementation of policies, procedures, systems and controls covering assigned areas of responsibility, so that all activities meet Q-Chem standards, compliance and regulatory requirements, align with business requirements and increase operational efficiency.
Identify opportunities for continuous improvement of systems, processes and practices taking into account “international governance practices” to increase operational efficiency.

Quality, health, safety, security and the environment

Head IT Operations Ensure compliance with relevant regulatory requirements,

and quality, health, safety, security and environmental procedures

and controls throughout the Section to ensure the safety of employees and the delivery of high quality products / services.

Ensure that all relative reports are prepared in a timely and accurate manner

and meet the requirements, policies and standards of the Department.




Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering or any other related discipline.


Master of Business Administration, Engineering or any other related discipline.

The experience:Requirement :

About 7-10 years of experience in the O&G Industry, out of which 4 years at a Supervisor / Mid-Management level.

Preferred : Experience in Petrochemicals Industry.

Languages:Required : English- proficient

Preferred : Arabic- working knowledge

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