We are looking for CV’s of the following

1. HSSE Coordinator

We are looking for CV’s of the following ??:

2. QA/QC Inspector (Includes 2 for Flange Management)

3. Mechanical Supervisor 7.Ops Support Technicians

4. Senior Mechanical Technician

5. Senior Mechanical Technician (Offshore)

6. Mechanical Technician

7. Ops Support Technicians

8. Lifting Engineer

9. Lifting Supervisor

10. Condition Monitoring Technicians

11. Rigger

12. Welder

13. Fabricator – Pipe Fitter

14. Storeman

15. Crane Operator (Offshore) Platform Pedestal Crane

16. Deck Crew (Offshore)

17. Scaffolding Inspector (Offshore)

18. Helper/Technician Assistant

19. Crane Operator

20. Forklift / Boom Truck Operator

21. Light vehicle driver

22. Bus driver

(Longterm contract duration 4 years)

Who looking jobs and have a related experience please send Email CV’s at JobsTransArabian@gmail.com

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