Thursday, December 24, 2020

Actress Mandana Karimi was shocked

Actress Mandana Karimi was shocked to see her pornographic video on a pornographic website
Mumbai (Daily Pakistan Online) Iranian-born Bollywood actress Mandana Karimi has expressed outrage over the uploading of a video attributed to her on a pornographic website.

Actress Mandana Karimi was shocked

Mandana Karimi shared a screenshot of the video attributed to her on the pornographic website on Instagram and released a message in Persian for her Iranian compatriots.

The actress said that it is unfortunate to see such immoral things, it can only be regretted that such a picture was attributed to me and uploaded on various websites.
Mandana Karimi said that sometimes her photos appear that are not in harmony with Iranian culture, but Mandana Karimi is still an Iranian girl who wants to make her place in international cinema.

Mandana Karimi said that she gave this explanation so that those who knew her would know the truth, and also those who did all this, “I am Mandana Karimi, a real Iranian girl. She’s proud to be an artist.
It is believed that Mandana Karimi of Iranian origin has appeared in some Bollywood movies in a very bold manner but she maintains her presence on social media. Sometimes she shares very bold photos, a few months ago she shared her topless photos on Instagram.

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