Thursday, December 24, 2020

DIY Christmas Tree at Home Due to the epidemic.

DIY Christmas Tree:

Christmas is just one day away and one can see the joy of this joyous festival in the city. On this occasion, many people plant a Christmas tree at their home and decorate it. You can find many sizes and different Christmas trees in the market or online. But, do you know that it can be made easily at home too?

DIY Christmas Tree at Home Due to the epidemic.

If you also want to make it at home, then we can help you. In this article, we are telling you how your Christmas tree can be prepared in 5 easy steps. 

In just a few hours, Santa will come to our homes and leave gifts for us. But have you prepared a Christmas tree to welcome them? If it is done then it is very good and if it is not done then you can make it easily. You can make this handmade tree in any shape. It can be placed on the home table or on the ground.

Need for DIY Christmas Tree

– Ferry Lights

– Paper in different shades of green

– cylindrical cardboard

For decoration

– Things like bells and small gift boxes in ornaments

– Glue or tape

– Thermocol box

– scissors

How to make Christmas tree at home

1. Take napkin or paper in different shades of green color. Then cut them into triangles.

2. After this, apply on cylindrical shaped cardboard. Keep in mind that different shades must be used.

3. Once you have all the triangle shaped paper on the tree, then you can decorate it with the help of your favorite ornaments.

4. Make sure that your tree is strong. For this, you should put it well in a box of square thermocol.

5. Finally, you can apply fairy lights on it and you can also place gifts under it. Your Christmas tree is ready.

Due to the corona virus epidemic, many people are hesitating to buy things from the market. In such a situation, instead of buying it from the market, make the Christmas tree at home, because it is fun and your work is done. Especially if you are a creative person, you will enjoy a lot in this work, for this you can also take help of your friends and family. If you have children in your house then it will be a good activity for them.

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