Thursday, December 10, 2020

Plant Operator for Chemical Tank Farm UAE

Position: Plant Operator for Chemical Tank Farm
Job Location: UAE

Plant Operator for Chemical Tank Farm UAE

a. ISO tank/Road tanker loading unloading

b. Drum /IBC filling

c. Tank to Tank transfers

d. Cross transfers

e. Flexi tanks loading/unloading

f. Tank cleaning for product changeover

g. Blending operations as specified by customers

h. Storage tank heating operations as per desired parameters for heated tanks

i. Nitrogen blanketing of tanks

2. To ensures that day to day operational output are met timeously and safely.

3. Ensure all the checklists and log sheets are filled in and maintained on daily basis

4. Report on unsafe working conditions immediately to Operations Supervisor/ Terminal Manager for necessary actions

5. Assist Technical maintenance to carry out scheduled preventive maintenance

6. Report breakdown if any immediately to Operations Supervisor

7. Ensure House -keeping in tank farm, Drum store and other operational areas.

8. Participate in Mock drills and other Management Safety initiatives

9. Good experience in Chemical Terminal Operation


Salary: AED 4000-5000/month + other standard benefits
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