Friday, December 25, 2020

What will change in the world in 2021? Baba Wanga,

What will change in the world in 2021? Baba Wanga, who accurately predicted the 9/11 attacks many years ago, has come up with alarming predictions about the coming year.

What will change in the world in 2021?

Sofia (Monitoring Desk) – Leading Bulgarian astrologer Baba Wanga has predicted major events in the world up to 5079 and according to her predictions, the world will end somewhere around 5079 and doomsday will come. She has also made some sensational and exciting predictions about 2021, including the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the attack of a powerful dragon, and the discovery of a cure for cancer.

Baba Wanga, whose many predictions, including the 9/11 attacks, have come true, has predicted that 2021 will see more suffering in the world this year. The world will suffer so much that it will change the human path. People will go through a process of more severe divisions based on religion and belief, and Vladimir Putin will be assassinated from within Russia.

Baba Wanga has predicted that in 2021 a powerful dragon will paralyze the world and the three ‘giants’ will unite. According to experts, the powerful dragon here could mean the Chinese economy and its expansion. In addition, Baba Wanga has made some good predictions that a cure for cancer will be discovered in 2021 and revolutionary avenues for energy will open up this year.

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