Tuesday, February 16, 2021

GCS (gas control station) operator. Dubai!

Position : GCS (gas control station) operator
Job rotation : 28/28
Job location : Dubai

GCS (gas control station) operator. Dubai!

Experience :

1. Broad experience in gas plant operation and control, compliance with good safety practices.

2. Experienced in turbo-machinery operation

3. Experienced in Utility system operation

4. Experienced in gas testing, isolation/ de-isolation of process equipment, nitrogen purging, testing & commissioning of process system

5. Experienced in safe working procedures and practices

6. Active role in Emergency Response

7. Good understanding of overall operations

8. Familiar with gas nomination practises

9. DCS control room experience

10. Good analytical and numerical skills

11. Candidates at present in UAE only

GCS (gas control station) operator. Dubai!

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