Offshore Drilling, Maintenance & Marine Crew

Offshore Drilling, Maintenance & Marine Crew

Skills: Derrickman, Driller, Toolpusher

Other Skills: Floorhand / Roughneck, Roustabout

Experience: 2 + Years

Education: High School/Secondary

Employment Type: Rotational Contractor

Salary: Variable Hourly Rate

Location: Houston, Texas, United States

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Offshore Drilling, Maintenance & Marine Crew

Drilling Crew:

1- Senior Toolpusher / Toolpusher / Tourpusher
2- Driller
3- Assistant Driller / Trainee Driller
4- Derrickhand
5- Roughneck / Floorhand

Maintenance Crew:

1- Maintenance Supervisor / Technical Section Leader
2- Senior Rig Mechanic
3- Rig Mechanic
4- Assistant Rig Mechanic
5- Senior Rig Electrician
6- Rig Electrician
7- Assistant Rig Electrician
8- Rig Welder

Marine / Deck Crew:

1- Offshore Installation Manager (OIM)
2- Crane Operator
3- Assistant Crane Operator
4- Roustabout / Deck Crew

Support Crew:

1- Materials Coordinator / Storeman
2- Radio Operator
3- Rig Safety Officer
Rig Medic

Offshore Drilling, Maintenance & Marine Crew

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