Required for Maintenance of Overhead Cranes FOR UAE!

Required for Maintenance of Overhead Cranes FOR UAE!

1- Instrumentation Technician ……

Requirement for maintenance of Overhead cranes with experience in Variable speed drives(VSD) and Thyristor drives with slip ring motors and resistor banks.

2- Maintenance Supervisor …..

Required for ensuring timely maintenance and repairs of Overhead cranes. Above experience is a must. Min 4 years Gulf experience would be preferred.

3- Crane Mechanic ……….. Diesel mechanic and Electrician (one each)

Required for repairs and maintenance of Overhead cranes.

Salary depends on the caliber of the man and experience.
Free Food, Accommodation and Transportation

Interested / available Candidates with above SALARY please forwards us CV along with current location: –

Direct No: +91-22-2447 3272

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