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Gaming Smartphone with 15,000 RPM cooling fan!!!

Gaming Smartphone with 15,000 RPM cooling fan!!!

There’s a separate RGBLED in the little fan, are you kidding me? Everyone and their dog is getting into the gaming phones space now, but not everyone designs their gaming phone for competitive eSports play, that’s right. No, no, stop it, stop it.

Gaming Smartphone with 15,000 RPM cooling fan!!!

This is an eSports phone,

and, there is legitimately some stuff about it that is straight up very, very cool. This is the Lenovo Legion Duel Phone 2, not dual phone, it’s just one phone, duel like (imitating battle noises) I’m fighting with you, that kind of cool stuff.

It’s got a Snapdragon 888 processor, up to 18 gigabytes of LPDDR5 memory, up to 512 gigabytes of UFS3.1 storage, and get this, it’s got an active cooling system for its vapor chamber cooler, that’s got a 12,500 RPM fan here and then a 15,000 RPM fan at the top for exhaust, so yes, my friends, you are looking at holes in the phone here and here for flipping cooling.

And apparently they havere thought the layout of the internals of this phone, so all the heat producing devices are kind of all aligned along this cooling path. They claim that the air heat sup as much as 22 degrees going from the intake to the exhaust.

Gaming Smartphone with 15,000 RPM cooling fan!!!

This thing is crazy.

Like, yeah, the ROG phone is for gaming or whatever, but this is clearly meant to be held like this, I mean, even if I’m taking a picture. So it’s got 63 megapixel cameras, and 16 megapixel rear snappers on it, like if I’m taking a picture with this thing, I’m holding it like this, like a freaking camera.

Okay, we’re, you know what? We’re going to straight up open the camera right away here.  What’s up? (camera clicking) – Look at this guy waving in a picture and now I got a blurry hand to look at it. However, the point is, the rear camera is not the most important event here, the main event is a pop-out selfie camera.

Power battery

That’s right, you cannot be a legit pro gamer unless you have a face cam while you’re gaming. Man, this thing is a chunky boy though, which makes sense, when you’ve got an active cooling system with not one, but two fans, a 5,500 milliamp power battery that is split into two, and charges at up to 90 Watts.

And of course, like any self-respecting gaming phone, it’s got dual forward facing speakers, so hopefully it’s going to sound pretty decent.

hat’s a bit of a slow finger print scanner, but let’s see how it performs when, okay, that’s fine when you’re unlocking, just a little slow to register your fingerprints, so that’s pretty good.

All right, so let’s just- There it is, look at that. That’s pretty good. – Wait, it’s on the, hold on a second, are you kidding me? It is on the lock button, so it… Like what? That is crazy.

Gaming Smartphone with 15,000 RPM cooling fan!!!

Why would you put the camera right on the lock button? Yeah, I don’t know, if you want the lock button positioned for right-handed people, and then if you want sort of, the landscape mode, to be kind of a sensible.

You want the volume rocker out of the way while you’re gaming, so you got your shoulder buttons and stuff, I mean, I guess that’s just where it has to go.

As a PC enthusiast, it drives me crazy how much better the front facing cameras are on phones. Like, are you telling me, computer programmers, that you couldn’t find a way to install such a thick camera in your laptop? – Impossible?- Yeah.

What about the processing, though? – Okay, Intel, are you telling me that processing cannot be fixed? Okay, it can’t be better? At any rate, wow. That is a lot of smoothing. I am beautiful.

Holy madness, look at that, my pores are a beautiful picture. How much you want to bet that I straight up do not have wrinkles when I smile on this thing?

Wow. Oh, beauty mode, you so silly. That is super cool, and I think they did a bang up job of getting the length of the lens just right for a face camera while you’re gaming.

But of course, there’s more to this that makes it a gaming phone than just performance, cooling, and a front facing camera, starting of course, with all of the touch sensitive buttons that are located around the device.

So on each top you’ ve got two trigger buttons or, well there’s two shoulder buttons because neither of them is pressure sensitive, so you got one, two, three, four. You’ve got an additional touch sensitive button on the back of the device, which I believe is, you know what?

I’m going to have to find that a little bit later. And then finally, this is super cool, they’ve gone and they’ve put a more advanced hepatic motor system in this phone so that you’ve actually got two pressure sensitive button son either side of the screen. I am really excited to try that out.

Gaming Smartphone with 15,000 RPM cooling fan!!!

Naturally, there’s RGB lighting.

Hey. All right. So it’s got a 144 Hertz display, but there’s more to the responsiveness of a mobile phone display than just how quickly it refreshes. It actually pools for touches at 720 Hertz, so that means that when you touch the screen, by pooling more often, it’s getting the most up-to-date possible information so that your inputs are going to have less latency. 720 Hertz.

Yeah, that’s pretty cool. – We’re getting dangerously close to like PC peripherals. Now, touch screens are inherently not as responsive as something like a mouse or a keyboard input device, but we can improve that a lot by pooling more frequently. Oh my God, hold on a second, this is hilarious.

Gaming Smartphone with 15,000 RPM cooling fan!!!

 I’m just going to enable turbo fan here. This is cool, so you can change your lighting effects depending on what’s going on, so it can play with their music app, which I don’t know if you would use that much cause you probably have Spottily, or whatever.

Color changes by device temperature when you get calls, cool. When having did lights on your phone become not cool anymore? Remember those cool apps where you could have like anyone that had an RGB LEB this is back in like the Nexus 5 days, right? Yeah, the little top LED.

So you could have like color coded and flashes and stuff. What was that app called? No way, that’s a separate RGB LED in the little fan. Are you kidding me? To Lenovo Legion’s credit, the design is really well balanced.

Gaming Smartphone with 15,000 RPM cooling fan!!!

They said that, like we saw on the ROG Phone 5, they split the battery apart, so this is better for battery longevity, as well as for the balance of the device.

And, talking about battery longevity, yeah, it’s all fine and good to be able to charge your device to 50% in 13 minutes, but you also have to have protections in place for your battery.

Of course, there are two Type-C ports, there’s one that you can use horizontally, and one that you can use vertically. You want to make sure that you’re not just juicing it up to a hundred percent and leaving it there the whole time while it’s running an intensive application, like a game and heating up, cause that’s really bad for the battery.

So, they’ve got phalanx battery protection system, not to be confused with phallus battery protection system which is more common in adult toys. Should we fire up some COD?

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Look at that, panoramic stereo sound, 144 Hertz, this displayed will do up to1300 nits peak brightness, it’s just shy of seven inches, 6.92 inches, and as a 1080P class display, 2460 by 1080.

I’m expecting it to be very good, to compete with the ROG Phone 5. It’s going to have to be excellent. (COD theme music playing on phone) – That’s pretty rich, isn’t it? That’s really good. Yeah. Oh, God. Oh, boy. Hey, I’m out of here. How do I just aim but not fire? Okay. Like that.

Wow, these bots are really bad. These are clearly designed to make you feel good about your skills, man.   Cause I have barely been touched. Here we go. Oh, well, sorry, I was confused, I couldn’t move. Too busy winning. All right, here we go. Here we go, here we go, here we go.

Now that I know how to do it, this is fairly intuitive, it’s not bad. So you go wide triggers. See, I just didn’t realize you can move these things around. Let’s see how it handles screen recording while playing. Okay, let’s rampage, I think rampage, Oh wow, high-speed mode. I mean, this game’s locked at 30 to 60 FPS anyway, but there are games that do run at a higher frame rate.

Man, having all those extra functions bound to the touch buttons at the back and stuff, not bad. And you what? to it’s credit, I’ve been sitting here playing for… I don’t know, what 10,15 minutes at this point? It’s barely even warm to the touch, here is.

So this is where they put all the heat generating components, and even with the fans running, like it’s warm, but the sides where my hands are, not bad. Hold on, Let me see how many of these bots I can line up and kill it at the same time.  They just stand there.

Oh man, I still can’t kill them, it’s shocking. Like are they pointing at the ground? Watch them. Watch them, watch them, let’s see where he shoots. Where are you shooting, dog? Look at this guy, look, he’s shooting at the ground. I mean, if the idea of gaming is to make you feel like an unstoppable bad-ass, this is going to do the trick for ya.

It’s like I might as well be Darth Vader fighting like Ewoks.

Like an army of Ewoks, like Jar Jar Binks sized Ewoks Or you Ewok-sized Jar Jar Binks’, what would be worse?

I’m impressed, the display looks freaking great, they boast, what is that? 110% coverage of DCI-P3 or something like that, 111. Pretty darn impressive.

The sound is great, HDR 10 plus. If you’re into gaming, hey, this is looking pretty compelling. Man, that middle part really is toasty, like this thing is freaking, it’s going, man. Oh, I just realized I never actually finished doing the un boxing. It comes with two USB C-to-C cables. What else we got here?

The thing is freaking heavy. Hold on a second, do you have to plug both freaking cables in to get the max output? Are you kidding me? Am I understanding this correctly? Okay, what else we got? Stylish outside. Oh God, yeah, that’s not what I would describe as stylish outside. Everything else about this has been great so far. Look at that, Type-C to headphone jack, how hard was that, Apple? Really hard apparently, SIM

. Oh, I didn’t even mention it has dual SIM slots. So we’ve got a SIM removal tool and that’s it for the accessory package. Man, this really puts the brick in power brick, this thing. This is a really cool device. Now that gaming phones have been through their first couple of, sort of, yeah, does this really need to exist? If it does, not really in this form kind of iterations.

(sighing) It’s getting to the point where like, honestly. If most of what you did was game on, you know, a mobile device like an Android device. There’s a lot of gaming to be done on this, and the price doesn’t even seem that outlandish compared to another mobile gaming console. Like, I mean, well, really there’s only the Switch, and Switch Lite, Switch Lite, Switch Lite.

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