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Monday, April 12, 2021

Required in Egypt for Commissioning Activities

Required in Egypt for Commissioning Activities:

Required in Egypt for Commissioning Activities

Management and support:

1- Project Manager

2- Commissioning Manger

3- HSE Engineer / Supervisor

4- Planning Engineer

5- Document Controller

6- Admin

7- HSE Officers

8- Skilled Helpers

Technical support team

1- Technical support leader

2- Technical support Engineers

3- Clerk

Piping Team

1- Piping Commissioning Lead

2- Piping Commissioning sr. engineer

3- Piping Commissioning supervisor/ Foreman(s)

4- Piping Commissioning technicians

Rotating team

1- Rotating Commissioning Lead

2- Rotating Commissioning sr. engineer

3- Rotating Commissioning supervisor/ Foreman(s)

4- Rotating Commissioning technicians

Static equipment team

1- Static Commissioning Lead

2- Static Commissioning sr. engineer

3- Static Commissioning supervisor/ Foreman(s)

4- Static Commissioning technicians

Electrical team

1- Electrical Commissioning Lead

2- Electrical Commissioning sr. engineer

3- Electrical Commissioning supervisor/ Foreman(s)

4- Electrical Commissioning technicians

Required in Egypt for Commissioning Activities

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