Wednesday, June 2, 2021

A private company In Algeria Looking for Below Positions

A private company In Algeria Looking for Below Positions.

We are a private company based in Hassi Messaoud, Ouargla State
We need contract workers for the following jobs:

A private company In Algeria Looking for Below Positions

01- Supervision of Mechanical Engineering and Boile rmaking
02- Mechanical Maintenance Turbomachinery (1 )
03- Mechanical Maintenance (1 )
04- Maintenance Instrumentation Turbomachinery (2)
05- Maintenance Instrumentation (2)
06- Maintenance Electricity
07- Tool machines
08- Boiler making-Piping-Welding
09- Technician Management Common Tooling
10- Mechanical Maintenance
11- Maintenance Instrumentation
12- Maintenance Electricity
13- Mechanical Engineering
14- Approved welder
15- Towable air compressor
16- Pump HP lubrication valves with accessories
17- Hydraulic key
18- Shock wrench with square socket
19- Electrician Technician S/S/E of BRN /M7 /RGT ROM ROD’s 20 S/S/E Electrician Technician
21- Electrical Technician S/S/E of PV central office
22- Supervision
23- Mechanical Surface Maintenance (valve)

24- Mechanical Surface Maintenance
25- Skid Mechanical Maintenance
26- Maintenance Instrumentation
27- Maintenance Electricity
28- Boilermaking-Piping-Welding
29- Mechanical Maintenance
30- Maintenance Instrumentation
31- Maintenance Electricity
32- Pylonist Antenist
We want to attract qualified skills to succeed in our project on the application dates. When we start working, you will be contacted later to clarify the type of work and the contractual conditions set out in the employment contract
please send To the following e-mail //

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