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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Staff Requirement for Qatar Location

Staff Requirement for Qatar Location

Staff Requirement for Qatar Location


1- Arranging and Scheduling Engineer

2- Closure Planner

3- Security Officer

4- Security Technician (Access control)

5- Workshop Engineer

6- Mechanical Engineer-Projects

7- Specialized Documentation Assistant/Data Entry Operator

8- Overseer Coating Inspector

9- Electrical Engineer (Projects)

10- Electrical Technician

11- Instrument Technician

12- Structural Engineer (Projects)

13- Common Supervisor

14- Amount Surveyors (Mechanical)

15- Instrument Engineer

16- Mechanical Site Engineer

17- Amount Surveyor (Civil)

18- Review Technician

19- Welding Inspector-CSWIP 3.2.2

20- Programming interface Inspector (510+570)

21- Structural Engineer Maintenance

22- Covering Supervisor

23- Headstrong Supervisor

24- Common Supervisor –

25- Maintenance Instrument Supervisor

26- Instrument Technician (Field)

27- Mechanical Technician

28- Electrical Technician-Maintenance

29- Mechanical Draftsman

30- PSV Inspector

Staff Requirement for Qatar Location


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