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Saturday, June 5, 2021

Urgently Looking below vacancies for Qatar shipyard!

Urgently Looking below vacancies for Qatar shipyard, long term 2 yrs contract.

Urgently Looking below vacancies for Qatar shipyard!

1- Electrical & Instrumentation Assistant Foreman(Electrical)

2- Electrical & Instrumentation Carpenter(Electrical)

3- Electrical & Instrumentation Electrician(Electrical)

4- Electrical & Instrumentation Group Leader(Electrical)

5- Electrical & Instrumentation Quality Controller(Electrical)

6- Electrical & Instrumentation Supervisor (Work Preparatory)(Electrical)

7- Electrical & Instrumentation Supervisor(Electrical)

8- Machine Shop Quality Controller(Machine Shop)

9- Machine Shop Senior Machine Operator(Machine Shop)

10- Machine Shop Supervisor(Machine Shop)

11- Machine Shop Work Preparatory(Machine Shop)

12- Machinery Assistant foreman (3rd Engineer)

13- Machinery GENERAL WORKER(Machinery)

14- Machinery Group Leader(Machinery)

15- Machinery Machinery Fitter

16- Machinery Senior Machinery Fitter

17- Machinery Supervisor(Machinery)

18- Machinery Cryogenic & EMC Fitter

19- HSE & FIT Inspector,

20- HSE & FIT Promoter,

21- Piping Group Leader(Piping)

22- Piping Pipe Fitter(Piping)

23- Piping Pipe Welder

24- Piping Quality Controller(Piping)

25- Piping Senior Pipe Fitter

26- Piping Senior Pipe Welder

Urgently Looking below vacancies for Qatar shipyard!

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