1=>P&PM Analyst
2=>Computer Science
3=>Corrosion Engineer
4=>Electrical Engineer
5=>Electrical Engineer (Control System)
6=>Electrical Technician
7=>Engineer I (Technical Instrument)- Electrical /Instrument Eng
9=>Finance-Accounting-MIS or Computer Science
10=>Instrument Engineer
11=>Lab Scientist I
12=>Maintenance Engineer
13=>Maintenance Planner
14=>Business Sys Analyst
16=>Mechanical certified APIs Inspectors
17=>Mechanical Inspector
18=>Project Engineer
19=>Risk Management
20=>Rotating Equipment Eng.
21=>Safety Engineer / or equivalent
22=>Scheduler Engineer
23=>Sr. Process Engineer
24=>T & I Engineer
25=>T & I Planner
26=>Vibration Technician
EMAIL: ahmad@sparkleasia.com In kingdom workshop to hire Saudi personals.
Out of Kingdom workshop to hire Expat personals, which will be conducted in Dubai. Experience —minimum 5 years Saudi , Expats 7+ years.

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Looking for one of a oil & gas Company Saudi Arabia
Looking for one of a oil & gas Company Saudi Arabia

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