Urgent Looking for a Marine Construction project for the following positions:

Urgent Looking for a Marine Construction project.
Urgent Looking for a Marine Construction project.

1—>>Site Manager (Experience-10 Years)
2—>>Safety officer (Experience- 5 Years)
3—>>Administrator (Experience- 3 Years)
4—>>Mechanical Engineer (Experience-8 Years)
5—>>Project Engineer (Experience- 8 Years)
6—>>Instrument Engineer (Experience- 8 Years)
7—>>Electrical Engineer ( Experience- 8 Years)
8—>>Maintenance Planning Engineer (Experience -5 Years)
9—>>Civil Engineer (Experience-8 Years)
10—>>QC Engineer (Experience- 8 Years)
11—>>Vibration Engineer (Experience- 8 Years)
12—>>HVAC Engineer (Experience-5 Years)
13—>>Document Controller (Experience-3 Years)
14—>>Mechanical Technician (Experience-10 Years)
15—>>Mechanical Helper (Experience-3 Years)
16—>>Insulation Technician (Experience-5 Years)
17—>>Scaffolding Technician (Experience-5 Years)
18—>>Instrument Technician (Experience-10 Years)
19—>>Instrument Helper (Experience-3 Years)
20—>>HVAC Technician (Experience-10 Years)
21—>>Electrical Technician (Experience-10 Years)
22—>>Electrical Helper (Experience-3 Years)
23—>>Forklift Driver (Experience-5 Years)
24—>>Field Helper (Experience-3 Years)
25—>>Warehouse Specialist (Experience-5 Years)
26—>>Welder (SMAW/GTAW) (Experience-5 Years)
27—>>Pipefitter (Experience-5 Years)
28—>>Water Jet Cleaning (Experience-5 Years)
29—>>Valve Repair Technician (Experience-10 Years)
30—>>Grinder (Experience- 5 Years)
31—>>Crane Operator (Experience-10 Years)
32—>>Rigger (Experience-10 Years)
33—>>Plumber (Experience- 5 Years)
34—>>Sandblasting Technician (Experience-5 Years)
35—>>Painting Technician (Experience-5 Years)
36—>>Light Vehicle Driver (Experience-5 Years)

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