Friday, February 11, 2022

Saipem Vacancies for Offshore Jobs Angola Project.

Saipem Vacancies for Offshore Jobs Angola Project.

Saipem Vacancies for Offshore Jobs Angola Project.
Saipem Vacancies for Offshore Jobs Angola Project.

A–>Saipem Luxembourg SA Branch of Angola. A services providing company to the oil industry. Required for Gimboa project:

WARNING: SAIPEM is’nt receiving any applications by hand.

1—>>Maintenance Superintendent;
2—>>Maintenance Engineer;
3—>>Supervisor of Electrical
4—>>Supervisor Instrumentation;
5—>>Electrical technician
6—>>Senior instrumentation Technician
7—>>Senior Electricity Technician;
8—>>AMOS Maintenance Specialist Technician;
9—>>Senior Mechanics Technician
10—>>Rotation Equipment Specialist
11—>>Loyal Offshore Warehouse
12—>>Machine Room Supervisor
13—>>Machine room technician
14—>>Welder Caldeireiro (Arc 6G)
15—>>Production Superintendent
16—>>Production Supervisor
17—>>Operator of the production control room
18—>>Senior Production Operator
19—>>Laboratory Technician
20—>>Senior Crane Operator
21—>>Cargo Superintendent
22—>>Director / Offshore Facilities Manager (IOM)
23—>>Security Officer
24—>>Mechanical Supervisor
25—>>Quality Coordinator on the Ship
27—>>Director of Operations
28—>>Head of FPSO Technical Team
29—>>Personnel Administrator
30—>>Material Logistics Coordinator
31—>>Engineer 2nd/3rd Of Engine Room
32—>>Mechanical Engineer
33—>>Naval Maintenance Engineer
34—>>Machine Room Operator

Interested applicants must forward their updated Resume in Portuguese and ENGLISH, including documents proving academic training and professional experience, within 15 days of the date of publication of the said notice, and shall mentions the position in which they apply for the subject in their e-mail, to:

Only the Resume of applicants who meet the requirements of the functions as described above shall be considered.

EDACO, education without limits, vision in the future!

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