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Monday, March 14, 2022

Urgent Requirement In Oil & Gas For Middle East

1=>Sr. Chemical Engineer
2=>Process Engineer- Chemical
3=>Petroleum Engineer
4=>Loss Prevention Engineer
5=>Senior Economist
6=>Nonmetallic Engineer
7=>Substation Equipment Engineer
8=>Senior Hydrographic
9=>Estimating Engineer
10=>NDT Engineer
11=>Vibration Engineer
12=>UAV Engineer- Robotics
14=>Planning Engineer- Infrastructure Facilities
15=>Planning Engineer-Automation and Power Facilities
16=>Planning Engineer—Oil Facilities
17=>Planning Engineer—Gas Facilities Capital Program & Budget Planner
18=>Planning Engineer—Pipelines, Distribution and Terminals Facilities
19=>Planning Engineer—Fuels and Chemical Facilities
All candidates must have 12+ years of experience in Oil and Gas Kindly Share your CV on

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Urgent Requirement In Oil & Gas For Middle East
Urgent Requirement In Oil & Gas For Middle East