Saturday, October 22, 2022

Hiring for below Positions

Hiring for below Positions for Multinational EPC Company for Malaysia.

Hiring for below Positions
Hiring for below Positions
  1. Contract & Administrator Manager
  2. Senior Contract Administrator
  3. Installation Engineering Manager
  4. Senior Contract Manager
  5. Project Technical Manager
  6. System Engineer Lead
  7. Oil and Gas Treat Process Lead
  8. Process Engineer
  9. Loss Prevention Lead
  10. Loss Prevention Engineer
  11. Piping and Layout Lead
  12. Piping and Layout Engineer
  13. Piping Material Engineer
  14. Piping Flexibility Engineer
  15. CAD 3D Administrator
  16. Offshore Structural Lead
  17. Offshore Structural Engineer
  18. Offshore Structural Designer
  19. Offshore Struct. Material Eng
  20. Weight Control Engineer
  21. Mechanical Lead
  22. Static Equipment Lead
  23. Static Equipment Engineer
  24. Rotating Equipm. Engineer
  25. HVAC and Building Systems Eng.
  26. Materials Engineering Lead
  27. Electrical Lead
  28. Electrical Engineer
  29. Instrumentation Lead
  30. Instrumentation Engineer
  31. Control Systems Engineer
  32. Instrumentation Designer
  33. Telecomm. Lead
  34. Telecomm Engineer
  35. Project Technical Manager
  36. Senior Process Engineer
  37. Senior Loss Prevention Engineer
  38. Piping and Layout Lead
  39. Senior Piping and Layout Engineer
  40. Offshore Structural Lead
  41. Senior Offshore Structural Engineer
  42. Mechanical Lead
  43. Senior Static Equipment Engineer
  44. Senior Rotating Equip. Engineer
  45. HVAC and Building Systems Eng.
  46. Senior Materials Engineering
  47. Senior Electrical Engineer
  48. Senior Instrumentation Engineer
  49. Senior Automation Engineer
  50. Senior Telecomm.
  51. Engineer Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Duration: 12 Months extendable
    Must have 7 years Oil and Gas experience in FEED, new flat forms, brownfield platforms offshore/onshore modifications, CRA infield lines and Trunk lines.
    Send your CV mentioning your Positions applied for in the Subject line (Example: “Senior Telecomm. Engineer”.
    Qualified candidates mays end their updated CV @ and