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Friday, December 2, 2022

Accepting CVs for 2022 project in Uzbekistan!

We are accepting CVs for our upcoming 2022 project in Uzbekistan!
Food-Accommodation-and-Transport- Provided by Company

Accepting CVs for 2022 project in Uzbekistan!
Accepting CVs for 2022 project in Uzbekistan!

Positions available:

1-Project Manager
2-Site Manager
3-Lead Project Engineer
4-Lead Contract Engineer
5-Senior Contract Engineer
6-NOC Engineer
7-Executive Secretary
8-Technical Office Manager
9-Lead Technical Office Engineer – Mechanical
10-Lead Technical Office Engineer – Electrical

11-Lead Technical Office Engineer – Civil
12-Lead Technical Office Engineer – Instrumentation
13-Packager (Senior Technical Office Engineer)
14-PTW Officer
15-Technical Office Coordinator
16-Document Controller
17-Plotter Operator
18-Procurement Manager
19-Lead Procurement Engineer
20-Packager (Senior Procurement Engineer)

22-Logistics Specialist
23-Project Controls Manager
24-Lead Planning Engineer
25-Senior Planning Engineer
26-Lead Cost Control Engineer
27-Senior Cost Control Engineer
28-Project Controls Analyst


29-QC Manager
30-Lead QC Engineer31-Senior QC Engineer – Mechanical
32-Senior QC Engineer – Electrical
33-Senior QC Engineer – Civil
34-Senior QC Engineer – Instrumentation
35-QC Engineer – Mechanical
36-QC Engineer – Electrical
37-QC Engineer – Civil
38-QC Engineer – Instrumentation
39-QC Inspector
40-Financial Manager

41-Project Accountant/Site Accountant
42-Project Facility Manager
43-Equipment Admin.
44-Tools Admin.
45-IT Admin.
46-Security Officer
47-Camp Boss
48-House Keeper
49-Printing Operator
50-Office Boy

51-HR Representative (Site Coordinator)
52-Time Keeper
53-Material Control Manager
54-Material Control Engineer
55-Store Keeper
56-Store Keeper Assistant
57-Safety Manager
58-Safety Officer


61-Commissioning Manager
62-Commissioning Team Leader
63-Commissioning Engineer


64-Construction Manager
65-Construction Team Leader – Mechanical
66-Construction Team Leader – Electrical
67-Construction Team Leader – Civil
68-Construction Team Leader – Instrumentation
69-Construction Engineer – Mechanical
70-Construction Engineer – Electrical
71-Construction Engineer – Civil
72-Construction Supervisor


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