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Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Maintenance Personnel Experienced in O&G Industry hire

RECRUITMENTS CAMPAIGN – For a potential Incoming Project in Africa,

Maintenance Personnel Experienced in O&G Industry hire:

Maintenance Personnel Experienced in O&G Industry hire:


1-HSE Engineer
2-QAQC Engineer
3-Control Engineer Mark V-6
4-Process Engineer
5-Maintenance Planner
6-Maintenance Turnaround Coordinator
7-Maintenance Engineer


1-Mechanical Supervisor Rotating Equipment
2-Maintenance Planner Supervisor
3-Maintenance Electrical Supervisor
4-Maintenance Automation Supervisor
5-Maintenance Instrument Supervisor
6-Civil Maintenance Supervisor
7-Rotating Equipment Maintenance Supervisor
8-Piping Supervisor


1-Mechanical-Technician Maintenance
2-Electrical Technician Maintenance
3-Automation Technician Maintenance
4-Rotating Equipment Maintenance Technician


Welding Inspector
Pipe Fitter
Spare Parts Coordinator/Materials Coordinator

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