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Thursday, July 20, 2023

Mechanical, Instrument, & Maintenance Technician Jobs

Our client(Oil and Gas)require candidates with the following experience in the Operations and Maintenance of a big EPF-CPF in Basra & Erbil/Iraq.

Mechanical, Instrument, & Maintenance Technician Jobs
Mechanical, Instrument, & Maintenance Technician Jobs

1=>Production Supervisor
2=>Control Room Operator
3=>Production Operators
4=>Laboratory Technician
5=>Maintenance Supervisor
6=>Electrical and Instrument Supervisor
7=>Engine-Room Operators
9=>Electrical and Instrument Technician
11=>DCS Technician
12=>Maintenance Planner
13=>Material Controller
14=>Cargo Supervisor
15=>Cargo Operator
16=>Pump man
17=>Lead GP
18=>Crane Operator.
19=>Drilling Engineers.
20=>Rig Engineer
21=>Well Testing.
22=>Senior Well Testing.
23=>Drilling Manager.
24=>Coiled Tubing.
25=>Senior Coiled Tubing.
26=>Senior Reservoir Engineer.
27=>Reservoir Engineer.