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Monday, May 22, 2023

42/14 Rotational Jobs

42/14 Rotational Jobs

42/14 Rotational Jobs
42/14 Rotational Jobs

Open positions in our Soya project. Please apply ONLY if you have the required experience and certifications and are willing to work on a 6/2 rotation. That is 6 weeks in Soya and 2 weeks off at your home location.

1=Project Secretary
2=Planning Engineer (Reporting)
3=Cost Controller
5=PTW Officer
6=Environmental Coordinator
7=HSE Training Coordinator
8=HSE Training Officer
9=Field HSE Coordinator
10=Road Safety Coordinator
11=AMBEN Supervisor
12=Field Shipping and Customs Officer
13=Project Security Officer
14=Subcontractor engineer
15=Construction Engineer
16=Painting &Insulation Works Supervisor
17=Building Works Supervisor
18=Building Works Supervisor
19=HVAC Supervisor
20=Civil Works Supervisor
21=Civil Works U/G Supervisor
22=Civil Works U/G Supervisor
23=Piping Works Supervisor
24=Scaffolding Supervisor
25=Warehouse Supervisor
26=Warehouse assistant
27=Quantity Surveyor – Civil Works
28=Quantity Surveyor – Electrical and Instrument Works
29=Quantity Surveyor – Mechanical
30=Quantity Surveyor – Piping
31=TCF Assistant -Civil work
32=TCF Assistant -MECHANICAL/E&I work
33=Electrical Works Supervisor
34=Instrumentation Supervisor
35=Field Automation & telecom Supervisor
36=QS Pipeline
37=Company Site Secretary
38=IT Workplace Operator
39=IT Workplace Operator
40=Payroll Assistant
41Visa Assistant
42=Field Pipeline Engineer
43=Field Pipeline Draftsman
44=Document Controller
45=Document Controller
46=Process Panel Operator
47=Quality Record Controller PCOS
48=Quality Secretary
49=Piping Prefab. QC Inspector
50=Piping Erect. QC Inspector
51=Welding QC Inspector
55=Welding QC Inspector Pipeline
56=NDT QC Inspector
57=Electrical QC Inspector
58=Instrument & Telecom QC Inspector
59=Mechanical QC Inspector
60=Civil QC Inspector
61=Coating, Painting & Insulation QC Inspector
64=Building & HVAC QC Inspector
65=Civil QC Inspector Pipeline