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Saturday, January 14, 2023

Hiring For PDO project In OMAN

Hiring For PDO project In OMAN

Hiring For PDO project In OMAN
Hiring For PDO project In OMAN

1=>Construction Supervisor—Instrumentation, Civil, Mechanical—PTWA
2=>Maintenance Supervisor—Instrumentation, Mechanical, Electrical—PTWA
4=>Construction Foreman—Mechanical, Painting, Scaffolding, Hydro test, Civil, Instrumentation—PTWH
5=>Maintenance Foreman — Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation — PTWH
6=>Foreman / PTWH-Tank/Static
7=>Electrical Technician /CEP
8=>Instrument Technician
9=>Maintenance Mechanical Technician
11=> Maintenance Electrical Technician
12=>Maintenance Electrical Technician / CEP
13=>Maintenance Instrumentation Technician
14=>Mechanical Technician [Including SCADA]
Salary: Basic: 175 + 25
allowance Rotation : 365 / 30
SCADA: 200 + 30

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