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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

We are hiring for several positions:

We are hiring for several positions:
 We are hiring for several positions:

--> Conditional Maintenance (CBM) Engineer, Onshore

--> Contractor Site Representative, Offshore

--> Elec/HVAC Engineer, Onshore

--> Elec/HVAC Technician, Onshore

--> Electrical Supervisor, Offshore

--> Electrical Technician, Offshore

--> Campaign Team Leader, Offshore

--> Gas Turbine Specialist/Rotating Equipment Specialist, Offshore

--> HSE & Safety Equipment Coordinator, Offshore

--> HVAC Specialist, Offshore

--> Hydraulic Technician, Offshore

--> Hydraulic Technician, Onshore

--> ICSS (PLC-Telecom) Specialist, Offshore

--> ICSS/PLC Technician, Offshore

--> Instrument Engineer, Onshore

--> Instrument Supervisor, Offshore

--> Instrument Technician, Offshore

---> Instrument Technician, Onshore

--> Mechanical Engineer, Onshore

--> Mechanical Supervisor, Offshore

--> Mechanical Technician, Offshore

--> Planner/Scheduler, Onshore

--> Preparation Team leader, Onshore

--> PSV Specialist, Offshore

--> PSV Technician, Onshore

--> Pump Technician, Offshore

--> Roustabout, Offshore

--> Safety Equipment Engineer, Onshore

--> Site Assistance Services (SAS) Manager, Onshore

--> Work Preparer – Mechanical, Onshore/Offshore

--> Workshop Supervisor, Onshore

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