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Vacancies in the Oil and gas sector Ivory Coast

Vacancies in the Oil and gas sector Ivory Coast
Vacancies in the Oil and gas sector Ivory Coast

 Below is a list of vacancies in the Oil and gas sector  Ivory Coast

Petroleum Engineer
Drilling Technician
Offshore Platform Operator
Platform Supervisor
Maintenance Technician
Production Operator
Safety Technician
Chief Mechanic
Chief Electrician
Instrumentation Technician
Environmental Engineer
Offshore Medic
Crane Operator
Logistics Manager
Quality Controller
Process Control Technician
ROV Operator (Remotely Operated Vehicle)
Procurement Manager
Offshore Geologist
Water Treatment Operator
Fire Safety Specialist
Communication System Operator
Telecommunications Technician
Offshore Project Manager
Compressor Operator
HVAC Technician (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)
Site Superintendent
Marine Mechanic
Marine Electrician
Laboratory Technician
Non-Destructive Testing Technician
Machine Operator
Head Chef
Health and Safety Assistant
Safety Trainer
Security Officer
Public Relations Officer
Radiation Protection Technician
Logistics Coordinator
Production Engineer
Human Resources Coordinator
Maintenance Supervisor
Maintenance Planner
Welding Technician
Operations Manager
Gas Treatment Operator
Oil Treatment Operator
Regulatory Compliance Officer
Control System Operator

NB: This list is not exhaustive. Anyone working in the sector or wishing to enter it should send their application.
Please include the title of the position for which you are applying in the subject line!