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DIY Christmas Tree at Home Due to the epidemic.

DIY Christmas Tree: Christmas is just one day away and one can see the joy of this joyous festival in the city. On this occasion, many people plant a Christmas tree at their home and decorate it. You can find many sizes and different Christmas trees in the market or online. But, do you know […]

Christmas Story

Christmas Story Christmas is a festival that is celebrated by most people in the world with full fervor.Today this festival is celebrated with the same enthusiasm not only abroad but also in India. Also, the Christmas festival has completely merged with the diverse culture of India. For centuries, this festival has brought happiness to the […]

When I woke up, I had a smile on my face.

So, I was invited for an interview. (When I woke up, I had a smile on my face.)Finally!I arrived 15 minutes earlier.I was full of hope.The receptionist welcomed me & knew that I was coming. I was offered cappuccino.I was then escorted to a meeting room.The room smelled very nice.The HR Manager attended the meeting […]