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The best answer to the Question: Why should I hire you?

Today, we are taking up one of the most popular interview questions asked that is, how should you answer the question – Why should I hire you ? And if you stay with me till the end. I’ve got a pro tip for you by which you can make your resume stand out from the […]

Electrician interview Questions & Answers

Electrician interview – There are questions and answers related to circuit breaker. Which are mostly asked in interviews. Hope this helps you. Question 1- What is a circuit breaker? Answer 1 – Circuit breaker is a mechanical device. Which closes and opens the electrical circuit in normal and abnormal state. ¬†Question 2 – Which type […]

Mechanical Technician Interview Question & Answers

Mechanical Technician Interview Question & Answers Question 1- How many type of gaskets are there? Answer 1- There are different types of gaskets such as metallic gaskets, rubber gaskets, compressed asbestos fiber field gaskets, teflon gaskets, graphite gaskets, impregnated gaskets, ring type joint gaskets and graph oil gaskets. Which is used according to our request.  […]

Instrumentation Interview Questions and Answers

Instrumentation Interview Questions and Answers Q-1 – Which parameters are variable in the process? Answer – Process has variable parameters. 1 – Pressure 2 – Flow 3 – Temperature 4 – Quality 5 – Level Q-2 – Which equipment is used for flow measurement? Answer– For flow measurement 1 – Venturi Tube 2 – Orifice […]