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The best answer to the Question: Why should I hire you?

Today, we are taking up one of the most popular interview questions asked that is, how should you answer the question – Why should I hire you ? And if you stay with me till the end. I’ve got a pro tip for you by which you can make your resume stand out from the rest of the crowd. So as usual let’s start with the most common mistakes that people make when they answer this question

The best answer to the Question: Why should I hire you?

Why should I hire you ?

I had actually posted a story asking people as to what would their answer be if I asked them. ‘Why should I hire you ?’

The First mistake

And the most common mistake that I have observed is that people often try to impress the interviewer by throwing in some heavy words like I will work very hard and I will work 24/7 to be the best engineer you have ever seen. Do one thing, give him 200 rupees and cut 50 rupees for overacting And more importantly, some people, directly or indirectly go on to degrade others by saying that most people in that room do not know what I know So always remember that you should never disrespect the people competing with you .

The second mistake

And unless someone corners you, you should focus only on your strength rather than the comparison with the other guys. The second mistake that I have observed that people make is that they give out BS replies that really have no significant value. For example, they give out answers like ‘I am hardworking’ ‘I am workaholic’ ‘I am a quick learner’ and so on and so forth.

And here’s where I gotta tell you guys that the HR people are already so sick and tired of listening to these cliché  phrases that if another candidate comes in and gives out the exact same answer saying that I am hardworking and quick learner. The only thing that the recruiter will be thinking is “CONTROL” “CONTROL UDAY” So here, the point to be noted is that in those 20 minutes of your interview.

How is a recruiter supposed to check if you’re really a quick learner or not ? How is he supposed to check if you’re really hardworking or not? So if you see there is no metric attached to these attributes that you’re spelling out. Hence, these answers are BS answers. So do not fall for these clichés and never give these replies.

If this is very very clear to you, let’s move on to understand how exactly are you supposed to frame your answer The first thing you need to understand is that the only reason why any recruiter should hire you is because of your skillset and not for your style statement.

So your job is to prove to them that you have the skillsets that they need. Now the question is, how you exactly do that. Three simple steps Number one, go to the job description and enlist all the skills that they need. Number two, you need to check for something called the overlap which means, you need to see how many skills out of those skills you actually possess. And step number three is, you need to find something called validation points for those skills.

The best answer to the Question: Why should I hire you?

For example,

For example, they need you to be great at a particular software, let’s take a simple and commonly understandable example over here Let’s say tomorrow you are applying to be a video editor and the job description says that we need a guy who knows to use Final Cut Pro software. So here’s where you need to tell them that you did an internship with a media company wherein you did all their projects in Final Cut Pro for 3 months. Or, if they say that they need a guy who is a great negotiator.

A validation point over here could be your experience with the previous organization wherein if you had worked with your procurement department and you secured a few goods by negotiating with the vendors, you saved XYZ amount of money. That validation point is what will tell them that you are a great negotiator.

Here’s a sample format answer to answer the question- Why should I hire you Sir as per the job description, I understand that you’re looking out for a candidate with 5 specific skills. Now, out of those 5 skills I am proficient with 4 of them and those are skill number 1,2,3,4. For skill number one I have done an internship with XYZ firm.

Now if you give an answer like this, there are three major benefits Number one, the moment you don’t utter the cliché phrases you will standout from the rest of the crowd. Secondly, like I said in the introduction video if you guys give out concrete answers like skill number 1,2,3,4 and you also state your experience.

The interviewer gets a direction wherein  he can either dig into the details of the project or ask you further questions. And lastly, by doing so you’ll be getting the interviewer again in your own forte wherein you know all about your work and hence you’ll also gain confidence while giving the interview. Now, before we say goodbye I have got 3 important things to tell you.

Number one, we have made an interview series playlist and before you go for the interview, at least 2 days before please watch these videos. and take notes so that you don’t make the mistakes in the interview. And if you have got any more questions, please put them in the comment section. I will try my level best to answer as many questions as I can. By the end of this year I want to turn Think School into a legendary digital school wherein you can learn the most valuable skills that can put money in your pocket.

The best answer to the Question: Why should I hire you?

Education system

And through this channel I want to put a dent in the Indian education system.  And we want to do that by giving you all the skills that Indian education system doesn’t to turn you into incredible individuals As of now, we have already launched three top notch courses So, if you need help please feel free to join the community and ask for help.

We will do our level best as a community to spread the word and to help you in every way possible. Other than that we have also got doctors who have volunteered to help so just in case you encounter an emergency.


you can always get back to them for assistance or for any kind of guidelines. Now we come to the pro tip So people, if you are an incredible candidate and you’ve got some complex project it becomes very difficult for you to fit the details of that project in just one paragraph. So, when you go for the interview and tell them that you are proficient in XYZ skills and I have done XYZ work. When they say ‘show me your work’ you can directly get them to scan the QR code and you can show them your work.

And trust me, if your work turns out to be incredible. What is the depth of your skill and how much experience have you actually gained by doing that work. Now, this could be your patent, this could be your research, this could be anything. And this is how you can actually stand out from the crowd. And make your way towards getting your dream job.

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